Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Layer Like a Pro

Layering is ideal for two main reasons: it enables you to dress comfortably for variable weather conditions, and it lets you display your incredible sense of sartorial style. The primary rule for layering is that every piece you're wearing should be able to stand by itself as well as coordinate with your entire outfit.

Tip: Wear your thinnest garments closer to your body for added warmth and to create a well put-together appearance.

Tip: When layering, don't be afraid to play around and have some fun with your style. It is one of the best way to add a bit of color to your individual look.

Tip: It is always best to dress for comfort. You can always take clothing off and store or carry it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Ad in GQ featuring Jordan Farmar!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Astor & Black Announces Christian Boehm as President

Boehm brings nearly 20 years of experience to the custom clothing company.

Columbus, OH (December 17th, 2009)- Astor & Black, the fastest growing men's custom clothier, has just announced Mr. Christian Boehm as Company President. Boehm joins the Columbus-based company on Tuesday, December 15th, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in the custom clothing industry.

"Christian's expertise and background in this industry will serve Astor & Black well," says David Schottenstein, founder of A&B. "We pride ourselves on the unmatched quality of our hand-crafted clothing and feel that his knowledge in building an international brand will lend itself to our ever-expanding presence in the world of custom clothing."

Boehm will help strategically align Astor and Black's recruiting, e-commerce, and distribution channels to match their already accelerated growth. Astor & Black boasts business estimated at $20 million annually. Boehm intends to triple that amount in the next two to three years by expanding product categories, developing a new multimedia marketing campaign, as well as adding more brick and mortar locations to accompany A&B's first store which opened in Las Vegas earlier this year.

"Astor & Black is a dynamic brand," says Boehm. "We are going to take the brand to the next level by offering a phenomenal product at an unrivaled value. This, combined with exceptional personal service in the client's home or office, will make Astor & Black the brand to watch in the next five years."

About Astor and Black

Founded in 2004 by, then 21-year old, David Schottenstein, Astor & Black Custom Clothiers specializes in fully canvassed, custom handmade suits, jackets, pants, and shirts. Also available through A&B are bespoke and hand-made, exotic animal belts, custom leather jackets, luxury cashmere, and bench-made shoes. Company representatives can be found in all major U.S. cities and Canada, as well as Europe. They are committed to offering the highest quality for an unprecedented value. Satisfaction is guaranteed. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 877.ASTOR.18, or visit

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Creations by Gai Gohari

Pick stitching.
Patch Pockets.

Elbow Patches.

New Creations by Gai Gohari

Pick stitching on all seams.
Wide Lapels.

Ticket Pocket.

Slanted, kissing buttons w/ grey mother of pearl buttons and contrast buttonhole.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keeping warm and looking hot!

This beautiful Marzoni Cashmere jacket will keep you warm and stylish when you're out and about on a frosty, winter evening. Large patch pockets, epaulettes, and the zip and button closure keep this jacket casual but classy.

fabric# 048-64/1200

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Best Collar Style for Your Face Shape.

In our experience as custom clothiers when we create our custom suits and shirts, we find that most gentlemen are wearing either a point, spread, or button down collar because traditional retail stores only offer those selections. The problem that arises in this situation is that these collars may not flatter the shape of your face. Below is a simple guide to help you decide which shape is best for you.

Round Face

If you have fuller cheeks with a rounded jaw, a more narrow point collar can help to elongate your natural face shape. Look for collars that counter balance your round facial structures.

Best Collars: Standard Point, Button Down, Narrow Point, Hidden Button Down, and Tab Collars.

Avoid: Wide Spread collars; they will make your face appear wider and fuller.

Worst Collar: Wide English spreads.

Square Face

If you have a square jawline, classic point collars are best for everyday business. For a sporty look, try a button down approach, and a long point, narrow spread for a formal look.

Best Collars: Standard point, Button Down, Narrow Point, Hidden Button Down, and Tab Collars.

Avoid: Wide spread collars; they will make your face appear wider and fuller.

Worst Collars: Medium to Wide Spreads.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape with high cheekbones and a narrow jawline, you should counterbalance by choosing collars with a higher degree of spread. It will make your jawline appear wider and more distinguished.

Best Collars: Medium to Wide English Spreads.

Avoid: Narrow Point collars; they will make your jawline look even thinner.

Worst Collars: Narrow Point with very long points.

No Neck

If you lack neck height, collars cut with normal height in the front and back will make it appear as though you have no neck at all.

Best Collars: Button Downs, Narrow Points, Medium Spreads. They should all be cut with a low front and back.

Avoid: High collars and Wide English spreads; they will make you look heavy and shorter.

Worst: Collars cut with a high front band and English Spreads.

Long Neck

If you have a long neck and you wear collars made with the standard height in front and back, it will only accentuate your neck and make it appear longer.

Best Collars: Button Downs, Medium Spreads, Wide English Spreads. These should be cut with a higher front and back height.

Avoid: Collars made with short point lengths and standard heights. Most ready to wear shirts that you find in department stores are made with a standard height. Your best bet is to have your shirts custom made so you can choose this option.

Worst: Collars cut with little to no band height.